Efavirenz Dream – an artist’s impression.



Inside/Out is more than a combination of words; it is also an invitation and a challenge for you

to navigate between spaces and through uneasy conversations. It’s either a space to sit in dis-ease

in the memory of unspoken conversations or an opportunity to open new dialogues.


In ‘Inside/Out’ an appropriated image of an HIV cell is applied to different mediums within

a purpose built domestic environment;  inviting the audience to enter into, and consider,

a personal perspective on life-defining illnesses – in this case, HIV.


“Life-defining illnesses are that by definition. They can't help but make you reassess your life

and impact the way you respond to the world and change the landscape of your life.

Shadows appear in areas where there was once clarity and light is shed on new ways of living.”


The installation, produced and directed by Sebastian Zagarella, speaks of life-defining illnesses

being ever-present. Bridging the gap between what is happening ‘inside’; a battle that is going

on at a cellular level, and ‘out’. It hopes to encourage audiences to engage with the reality of this

life-defining illness and spark personal conversations about something often left unspoken.




#ilivewiththis @insideoutexhibition

if you have been affected by, lived with, or are living with a life-defining illness.